Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chit Chat

Hold on just a second. I wanna go get another cup of coffee...
Okay, I'm back. Thanks for waiting.

You know you're old when you find yourself cooking dinner at 3 in the afternoon. I can rationalize it, though. Its fairly windy here and you never know when a tree limb is going to snap off and bring down a power line. I have no kind of snack food (for dinner, should the need arise); everything requires cooking so I decided to do it early. Now the challenge is to leave it alone until later.

Chipotle Lime Chicken Breasts. Thats what the package says. My honky DNA mumbled something about "WTF?" but it was the only frozen chicken on sale at the time. And ya know, its do-able. Not too bad, which is good, because I'd have to eat it anyway.

I watched a program on public TV about The Dick. Dick Chaney. He's had that sly look about his face since he was young. And he seems to be the one running the show. Bush is just the puppet. No wonder Bush gets a little flustered sometimes. Chaney has always felt that the presidency should be a dictatorship (my wording) and not have to answer to anyone nor get permission to do anything. He had tried to get things changed many presidents ago, but fortunately for us, the previous presidents would only go so far with it. Perhaps they listened to their other advisors. So The Dick pulled out of politics for a while until someone came around that looked like he would go for it. Enter Bush jr. stage left. Ya just know things can't be right when a presidential term(s) has so many many people resigning. Beyond the incompetent ones, it is an indication that the manipulation is so bad that people with any integrity have to get out. Oh please don't let Bush declare war on Iran before leaving office.

I thought I had a bit more to chat about, but (she looks around).... apparently my little brain couldn't hold it all.

I've heard folks using Picasa has had problems posting things for a while. I'll get to see if this will post now.

I hope your day is pleasant.
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Anonymous said...

He is such a dick!

and I mean that in the worse way.

Hope your winds don't get too bad.


cat's momma said...

It was like reading my own thoughts about the dick! Good piece, CC.