Monday, October 08, 2007

Line Doodling

I did some quick line drawings (I've heard others call it this) using a small photo from a magazine... a photo of a regular person. I used different drawing instruments to see how each would turn out. A ballpoint pen, a marker, and a pencil.

First though, I have to apologize to the woman in the photo. There is no way that you look as old or as bad as my so called drawings. Seriously, should you happen upon this blog, please please please do not take offense. I was just practicing minor changes in techniques. (Fortunately I do not have to worry about her stumbling onto this blog.... but, you know, just in case.)

Below: Ballpoint pen

Below: Sharper marker

Below: Ballpoint pen with water used for slight smudging. (some ballpoint pens do not "water-smudge". It needs to be a cheap one.)

Below: Pencil. I took just slightly more time with the pencil drawing than the other ones. Officially, this would not be considered a 'line drawing.'

Oh... guess what. I think I got pictures out of order from my description but I'm not going to stew about it or change anything. Oh again... I know what happened. I showed one ballpoint pen drawing without smudging and the same drawing after using water to smudge a little. But you are all intelligent people... I'm sure you can figure things out. Consider it my way of having fun. Yeah... thats it. Fun.


Sandy said...

oh this was fun, seeing the different versions and that bottom one...nice!!!


Wanda said...

I like them all...I think she would too...Art is Art!!!

Sandy said...

By the way, I really love it when you post these or any of your art..I hope you keep it up....

cat's momma said...

Trying again...I just made a long comment and got stuck on the comment page and couldn't get out and couldn't post it.

I enjoyed your line drawings and especially the pencil drawing you took more time with! I just purchased a bunch of different pens, some with fine tips and others with colored ink because I'd like to experiment with them. Also, I'd like to get out the oils and really get involved in a of these days.