Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Ox Cart

Who knew? A van Gogh painting has been donated to the Portland Art Museum by a Roseburg, Oregon couple. For all the books on van Gogh I've never seen this painting before.

Here's a snippet of the news article:

PORTLAND - A painting by Vincent van Gogh that has been hanging in a Roseburg home for almost 50 years will soon be available for all to view at the Portland Art Museum.

Fred and Frances Sohn donated "The Ox-Cart," an 1884 painting by the revered Dutch artist. It will go on display next month. It's the museum's first painting by van Gogh.


Anonymous said...

I NEVER have seen this at all and I love Van Gogh's work. I'm so glad you posted this as it shows another aspect of him. And how cool it has been donated for others to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

ps. noticed the label and that is excellent. I find when I visit blogs if I like someone's view point or art, or what have you, it's so much easier if they have labels.

What I did was finally post my old blog link gave it the name Volume I so it's still available but the new one will have the labels which I wanted.

I wish you could go back and retrace and label all your art so one has easy access...I know...that's a lot of work...or you could start Volume II of your blog and begin to do that...and slowly bring over the art work on this blog and then label it..

Okay I'm asking a lot now..I'll just shut up..



The Crusty Crone said...

I had already considered going back using the edit feature and putting labels on the entries. Two years worth of stuff... I guess I'll find out just how far back one can go to make changes to an entry.