Thursday, October 25, 2007

Contour Drawings

A couple of contour drawings. The guy is from a photograph in a book and the pears were done from.... ta da, pears. Real pears. In fact, after I post this I'm going to have a pear and some toast for breakfast. (I accidently gouged a piece out of one of the pears and I figure I better eat it while its still good.)

The guy below was done totally "blind". No looking at the drawing at all. Okay, okay, maybe once but...but... look at that hat!! Thats what happens if you don't look at the paper at ALL!

This guy (below) was done by looking at the paper only when I needed to take the pen off the paper. (I put some watercolor to him, but I forgot to photograph him. It didn't turn out that well anyway.)

Here are the pears.

Okay, I'm off to breakfast.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed seeing them but I love that bottom one....good job!!

my computer is slow up here, can't really post keeps stalling...


cat's momma said...

No telling what I would get if I tried to draw anything "blind", so good job. I love the pears...the colors are great!

Wanda said...

Yummy, I had pears today too!
Your's look good enough to bite into!! Reall nice love the colors and the shadows.