Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Birthday Boy

My grandson Darius called me last night to tell me about his scooter he got for his birthday. He was so excited about it. I was excited too, because we had another actual back and forth conversation. He contributed to it!!! The conversation.

His birthday is today but mom gave him his present yesterday so he had something to ride along with his brother. She got him a large wheeled scooter so it stays balanced for longer periods of time, thus is more fun.

He's four today. His brother will be three in several months. Speaking of his brother, I talked to him a few nights ago. And, boy, did he talk. Jabber Jabber Jabber Jabber... and I couldn't understand one word, but there wasn't any pause in the conversation.

Bottom line, though... it was fun to hear the excitement in Darius' voice.
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Anonymous said...

Oh...a BIG happy birthday to the cutest little guy addition to my own...LOL...

I can't believe he is already 4. Gosh takes ya back, doesn't it...I remember ..way back...what a cute baby he was.

and the other one, V...another cutie!!

Still find it hard to believe he is 4.

And my H is in kindergarten now and loving it..


cat's momma said...

He is NOT 4 years's impossible!! NOT...but, nevertheless, happy birthday to Darius!

Wanda said...

He's adorable!! Happy Birthday, Darius. I love his name too.
Conversation with grandkids is wonderful, even if its jabber......

Travelling Goddess said...

Did I just get older in an instant????

Four years old??? I remember when he couldn't talk, let alone be 4!!

He is sooooo cute!!

Happy Birthday Darius!!

kansasrose said...

Happy birthday to your grandson! He is adorable and I love his name Darius! Thanks for your lovely comment the other day on my blog. I am enjoying reading yours...All the best. Jenny

TopChamp said...

Happy Birthday Darius!

BJ said...

CC - I am late with this wish for Darius, but I hope that he had a wonderful birthday! He is such a darling little guy! I love his name.....I worked for a pediatrician for 12 years and one his sons name was Darius! I always loved it. Your Darius is one handsome little guy!