Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Art Challenge: House

A few cyber friends (depending upon how many choose to join in) periodically give a 'shot out' for an art challenge by giving us a subject matter. There is no time limit, although a year later we might have to be reminded, no medium limits, etc. There is also no requirement to participate. All of this is to help keep it fun and relaxed. Currently the challenge is to art a house or home. Here is mine. Its based on the house used in the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.
If you choose to join in, please leave a note in the comments letting us know so others will know to go take a look-see. (I think it would work in anyone's comments if they have posted a challenge-entry.)

(I just can't seem to get my pictures straight. Sorry about that.)


Sandy said...

Oh wow, this is fabulous. I love it. I haven't even started one yet but I hope too, well probably by Friday..we have two kids tomorrow.

Now...I need to read this again..not sure what medium you did it in but I'm guessing watercolor pencils.

Good job!


The Crusty Crone said...

I used an ink outline, a green sharpie on the trees leaving open spots (& over it a Tombow or two..yellow, blue), then did the rest in Tombow watercolor pens. I took a plain wet paint brush and smeared only the trees and bushes... then ran the brush across the grass area. Too much information?

Anonymous said...

Nope..just enough...thanks for explaining it.

I was going to start mine tonight but we ended up going over to Kenzie's house...

and now I'm watching Leno but I'm about ready to nod drawing tonight for me..

You did a really good job....I think this challenge scares me off but I am going to attempt it.

Anonymous said...

Looks good, gee I have a lot to catch up on..

Miss P

cat's momma said...

You did a great job...and I thought it was done all in pen. I can't say if I'll join in on this or not yet. Today is the first day all week I get to get out of the house for golf. Anyway, if I think of something, I'll do it and let you know.