Sunday, October 07, 2007

Impressionistic Demonstration 9 minutes

This video first caught my eye because of the word Myanmar (Burma) since its been in the news so much lately... so I had to check it out. The artist paints using his imagination (something I seem to be lacking, sigh). The video probably would not be so interesting to someone who has not tried to paint or was not activitely involved with painting. I was enthralled by his ability to create reflections... not to mention turning a blob of paint into a woman.


Sandy said...

I'll check this out later. I always love the art videos you post.

Just had my #2 son,Sam leave with his friends. He and three friends and Hunt had come out from Ventura to spend the partial weekend here. What fun they were. They had a party to go to last night and this morning they wanted Mangotinis for breakfast (well, except Sam cause he was driving, good boy had water) I guess they were still in the party mood.

I made the mangotinis but I sure didn't have any at 11 in the morning, LOL.

My Hunt is growing so fast. He doesn't seem near as Gramma attached now...(sob)...he was much more wanting to hang out with the males...

oh well.

And now the house is quiet and M and I are going out for an early dinner about 4 and back home to a quiet house.

I'll check that video out later when I get back.


The Crusty Crone said...

'sob' indeed. There is always the point that a child reaches when s/he turns and no longer holds parent/grandparent at point center. The memories are packed away in some nook of the heart and it is decades later, barring any disaster, when they come tumbling out again and the relationship is gently held and fondled once again by the child, now adult.

Of course, birthdays, Christmas' and childhood crisis' always promote grandparents/parents back into importance for a while.

Its the natural order of things, damn it.

Sandy said...

That was a cool video (although I cheated and fast forwarded it a bit)...what I would like to know is how does an artist know when to call it done and not overdo it.

That would be my biggest problem....

cat's momma said...

I so enjoyed watching this video!! Imagination in creating a painting...WTF! I don't have any! I would love to be able to see a vision in my mind's eye and be able to carry it out. At least it's fun watching someone else with that kind of ability actually create a work of art.

The Crusty Crone said...

Sometimes I come here and there's just blank space where the video should be.... I wonder whats up with that? I better find the video on youtube and bookmark it so I can find it again since its not dependable here. Life's little mysteries. Some call them irritations. hahahahah