Saturday, October 27, 2007

Noodle Doodling

'Noodle Doodling' (doodle... looks funny. Did I spell it wrong?) That just means I don't have anything in particular to talk about. Otherwise known as chit chat without meat.

This is a quick stylized doodle done with Sharpies.

Evidence of a windy day... leaves all over. We (the apts.) don't have any trees, but the neighbor behind us does. Swirling, twirling leaves.

Ever get a butt buzz? A bee in your bonnet? A desire you act on? I did yesterday. I've been wanting a toaster oven for a while but until now it was just a thought flittering in and out. Day before yesterday, when I was grocery shopping, I decided to price them out. The range is wide.. $25 to $180 on sale. But I wasn't sure how much the grocery total was going to be and I hadn't checked my bank balance in a while so I wisely didn't get one. Until yesterday.

I like them for baking meat for a few minutes. You know, to make sure its done all the way through. And for melting cheese on toast or tomatoes.... or browning the tops of casseroles. And if I'm going to bake something, I'd rather heat up a small space rather than a whole oven for one small chicken breast. Know what I mean?

Now my plan for today is to do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen counters before putting the toaster oven out. The kind of cleaning where everything is removed, corners wiped out, regular toaster cleaned (should I save the bread crumbs for topping??), coffee maker cleaned, etc. In other words, get everything sparkling for the newest equipment.

Exciting, huh. I also hope to get some painting done. (my favorite last words)


Wanda said...

CC I love it when you say you don't have anything to say, and then say all kinds of neat things!
I've never had a Toaster Oven, but my mom swore it was the greatest invention ever made. She used hers every day!!
By the way, I like the noodle, doodle flowers!

I Am said...

hey looks like a good oven... Those things come in handy...

cat's momma said...

Well, you got a new toaster oven...and they're handy...and a clean counter! That always feels good to get the crumbs out of forgotten places.

cat's momma said...

Hey! I like your noodle doodle...and you did spell it right. It's just one of those words that look funny sometimes when you actually think about it.

Anonymous said...

fun seeing your doodles. I really want to try pears the way you did it..