Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Show-and-Tell

This week's show and tell is a tackle box. My mother's tackle box that she used to store some of her painting equipment. When we were cleaning out her home (2000) I claimed all the art supplies and this was included, of course.

Its been a while since I've looked in the box and I need to do that again. Maybe there's something in there that would be handy since I'm trying to do more art. (The photos also show that its time to vacuum. Go figure.)

Go here, to Sandy's Show-and-Tell blog to find the links to others who are participating in this weekly event.


Sandy said...

I didn't know your mom painted. Do you have any of her stuff.



The Crusty Crone said...

No, I don't have anything she did. I use to have a rose, a small rose that was framed, but somewhere among a million moves it got misplaced. I saw a pet portrait she did that was pretty good and I think she did one she sold, too. But she didn't seem to do a lot of paintings... there were just a few.

She did a lot of "tole" painting...?? is that spelled right?

She was interested in lots of things. Collecting things, knitting, collecting more things. I think the thought was to make some money with it, but she just made it to the first step... buy things from others. At her estate sale one of the customers said something about she must have been an interesting woman because she seemed to have in involved in so many different things. I don't really know. I would have mentioned the term "pack rat" but I truly didn't know. We were not close and it was only the last two years that I made a point of going to visit her every couple of months or so. I got my 'hermit-ness' from her, I suspect.

But final comment, if she had dedicated herself (and actually did it, soft clearing of my throat) she would have made a very decent artist... perhaps even a very good one.

cat's momma said...

I remember from long ago when your mother passed that you mentioned she was artistic. I like the idea of the fishing box her paints are makes sense and keeps things organized.

Wanda said...

That is so cool. I think tackel boxes were made for artists.