Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whadda Do When You Have Nothing to Talk About?

PhotobucketYou do a repeat and hope the painting was posted so long ago that its not boring. This is a painting I did of my friend's granddaughters. She's currently 18 yrs old. I'm guessing she was around 10 yrs old in the photo.

Last night I thought I might have to turn on the heat for a minute (cha ching) but instead I put on a fleese jacket and covered my feet and legs with a blanket. Can you say 'old lady'? This afternoon I had to open the windows because it was too warm. I still have one window open, but not for long.


Rudee said...

I've had the heat on for 2 weeks. It's been going down to near freezing at night. Brrrr. During the day, we don't need the heat, just wool.

Sandy said...

I do remember this and I like the whole composition of it. You did a great job on this.

Can't wait to see some more art by Crusty.

We are still warm during the day into the 90's but the evenings cool off and by morning I'm snuggling under my blankie.

Sandy said...

By the way, enjoying drawing wicker like I do, you did a great job on that chair.

Rosy said...

Yup it is a bit wee warmer today than what it was yesterday for me.

"Oh that is a wonderful painting! Sure love to see more of your work. hint hint hint.

By the way I have something to tell ya, did you know that as of today you are now the main center attraction over at my main blog?

Go have a peak I double dare

cat's momma said...

I remember seeing this and you did such a good job on it! It's good to see it again.