Saturday, October 04, 2008

Birthday Boy

 Darius' birthday party is this afternoon. Its being held at a friend's home so that the kids have a huge backyard to run around and play. So... yesterday was the start of our rainy season. Backyard. Rain. Kids. I'm holding out for a break in the rain this afternoon. We'll just have to wait and see, but I sure hope it happens.

My daughter (aka 'mom') has always been big on birthday parties. There has been a few times when she was disappointed. She invites everyone she can think of but often they don't show up. Its sad to see her disappointment, but its one of the things life teaches us.
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Rudee said...

Darius has the most amazing eyes. What a sweetie. I hope it keeps dry long enough to have your party. Enjoy.

cat's momma said...

Did it rain? Happy Birthday to Darius, that little cutie! We had rain this was wonderful!

BJ said...

Great picture! He does have beautiful eyes!

Sandy said...

ahhh happy birthday to that cutie. I read the post above and darn, when that happens...not many kids coming...but yes once they are in school and have classmates...that will all change. I enjoyed the pics.