Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Debate

My bias is with Obama, so let that be known.

Not too much different than the first debate, but enough for some people to make up their minds.

I appreciated Obama listing out what or how he plans on doing some of the things he spoke of... McCain kept saying he knew how to fix things, but apparently he's keeping it secret cause he didn't share with anyone. He also knows how to get Bin Laden. I kept wanting to scream out "then why haven't you done it yet!!" Some of the students watching also mentioned they appreciated Obama mentioning education because that's where they are right now. McCain didn't say anything about education.

Once again Obama had to explain how he would redistribute the tax burden to give middle class a break and to let the wealthier people (above a quarter of a million dollars) contribute their share. As much as its been explained, I would have thought McCain would have understood by now, but my bad. McCain wants to freeze the tax programs the way they are right now.

I did cringe when McCain referred to Obama as "that one". A slip of the tongue often shows the true character. I've heard that its the phrase that is used when one is somewhere that they can't use the N word. Not good. Not good at all. McCain also took a shot at the moderator that seemed to be totally from left field. What was that all about? A sad attempt at being funny?

As soon as the debate was over, McCain beat cheeks and left while Obama and wife talked with the "town hall" audience and took pictures and shook hands with them. I think McCain sees the writing on the wall. (McCain didn't shake hands with Obama after the debate, but let his wife do it for him. Was it because he was flustered or was it intentional. We little people may never know.... but McCain has been in politics long enough to know what is appropriate behavior and what isn't. Maybe its dementia. Who knows.)

There are still Republicans out there that believe McCain is the best candidate. They are probably the same Republicans who thought Bush was the best man for the job, too, and we all know how that's worked out.

Please feel free to leave your comments, even if you're still for McCain. Everyone has a voice. And everyone has a vote. Sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it doesn't.

PS: During the night I had an aha moment of sorts. I'm not sure the term 'aha' is the correct phrase to use, but if not, its close enough. I was in the place between sleep and wakefulness, and I felt the concern people have about personal tax burdens. Getting an idea into a feeling makes it more understandable. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this, but to those who are concerned about taxes, I can better state "I hear ya." Its too bad we can't get rid of most of the waste and misuse of the taxes already being collected. I have no doubt that if we knew only part of what goes on behind closed doors, it would make the blood drain from our faces.


Rudee said...

I was driving to see a patient when I heard, "that one" on the radio I interpreted it the same way you did. Please, I live in a very racially charged city. I know it when I hear it.

I liked your debate review very much and tend to agree. I didn't hear anything concrete from McCain at all except that he likes Meg Whitman for Treasury Sec.

Sandy said...

I like your review too and somehow I missed the phrase "that one". Everytime McCain would start talking, I would nod off or go check the weather channel.

Sandy said...

By the way, I told Mike if Biden was running for President, then I would have a candidate I like.

The Crusty Crone said...

Thanks for commenting, ya'll.

TopChamp said...

I'm in the wrong country but if I were there I'd pick Obama over McCain. To be honest I don't really think you've got a choice... but he seems ok. Surely Americans won't make the Bush mistake again.