Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gawd, Its So Sad

I just viewed two videos that demonstrated how ignorant some people remain. Voters who sounded like they just climbed out of a cave and are getting ready to toss a virgin into the volcano to appease their gods. After listening to them talk I scanned the background to see if they had anyone hanging from a tree or if their white robes were hanging from the clothesline. Its just stunning to me how someone who has been around for 50 or 60 years still wallows in ignorance.

No wonder the GOP uses fear and hate in their campaigns. It would seem to be the only thing to get through to certain people. God help us. Please protect us from our ignorance. Its so sad.... just so damn sad. And plain stupidity just ticks me off!!


Sandy said...

I am so surprised by the people who are so narrow minded and bigoted and just plain stupid.

I have had to lay off some of the news lately because to me the media is just keeping this going by reporting on these stories and then they loop the same news programs for 24 hours.

and then, if that is not enough, our local television news seems to be a day behind so if you choose to watch that, the next day you are seeing the same crap.

Rudee said...

Ignorance abounds-hence the popularity of "reality" tv shows which are not real at all. They're scripted, but you can't tell the believers this. This election has been like a reality show. 100% scripted. Like lambs to slaughter, some will follow these hate mongers to the the ends of the earth.

It's almost over cc. Soon-and then new battles will begin. I do believe though that the beast is broken and we've begun to see the republican party splinter. Moderates are speaking out in support of Obama in record numbers. It's refreshing. Karl Rove has finally failed.

Sue J said...

I watched them interviewing a bunch of people in Pennsylvania last night who were firmly convinced that Obama was a terrorist and a muslim??!! Where do these people get their information from, or is it just what they want to believe to justify their biggotry? Apparently he's being held accountable for meeting a political activist when he was 9 years old too! (eyes rolling)