Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Friday Morning

 My muse is still missing. Its red with black spots and its shape keeps shifting on me. Say that five times real fast. Shape keeps shifting. Okay, don't say it. Its not that tough after all. Hope ya'll have a most excellent day. Perhaps a little surprise will delight you. Maybe you'll find a $20 in the bushes... someone unexpected gives you a call. Or, for no gosh darn reason, you will feel a sense of total contentness.
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Rudee said...

I'm hoping for feeling content, but I won't hold my breath. My muse is missing too- I think I'll just go to the bead store and wind my cashmere, perhaps my muse will show up to help.

Sandy said...

Okay, I'm looking for a surprise today, not one like yesterday though.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I found the cartoon amusing, I will use that as my excuse for not exercising, it sounds a bit better than I just can't be bothered!!!!

Gill in Canada