Saturday, October 04, 2008

"Gramma, I'm Five Now!!"

That's what Darius declared to me as he came running up to my car. "I'm five years old now!!" He was very proud of his new age.


A corner of the cake mom had made for him. D. is into all the usual super heros plus some that I've never heard of. Spiderman cake with web, a candle shaped in a number five, and some kind of "hero" throwing a punch.


I love the look Darius has on his face in this picture. He looks very proud of himself. The little sweetie!


Time to blow out the candle and everyone was willing to help.


Pizza and cake outside please.

Darius looked like he enjoyed his birthday, but his mom was a little ticked off and I don't blame her. No one else showed up for his party. There were the three kids of her friend's (where the party was being held) and me. I feel a little sad because of her disappointment, but there's nothing I can do about it. Next year Darius should have some classmates he can invite to his party.

Oh... and it didn't rain on us. Thank you!
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I Am said...

Well looks like a great party even if everyone didn't come... At five its the cake and the presents that are important anyway... Did he like his gifts?

BJ said...

Happy Birthday Darius! He does look so adorable in those pictures. I agree, cake & presents.....that's what a five year old loves. Hope he had a great birthday!

cat's momma said...

I'm happy to hear it did not rain on his party, but I sure wish the other kids would have been there. Yet the others are right...cake and presents they love. It's the mom that feels the disappointment.

Wanda said...

Happy Happy Birthday Darius!!

What a nice party, and your cake looks delicious!!

Can I have a piece?