Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday October 26, 2008

 Another perfect fall day. Beautiful colors floating with the breeze. Sunshine warming up the earth. Leaves tracked onto my rug!! What?

I've got both windows open and it feels wonderful. Soon it will cool off enough so that if one wanted comfort food for dinner, heating the stove will not matter.

Yesterday I visited my friend again. Lost Upwards again, but it was a close game all the way through. The pictures of the trees are in front of her house. It gets very colorful.

I'm having a quiet Sunday.
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cat's momma said...

Oh, my! The colors of the leaves are gorgeous! I'm glad that if you didn't win the game it was at least close...makes it more fun and challenging that way.

Rudee said...

How pretty! I'm hoping I haven't missed all the color changes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm heading south on the 7th to meet up with my sister. The plan is to celebrate the election results-or drown our sorrows in Charlottesville. I'm hoping for some bubbly myself. Autumn should be beautiful there!

Sandy said...

I LOVE these photos ....ahhh the colors are wonderful and I like that bottom pic, the composition of it.

glad you had fun..

Brenda said...

You must have had your colors earlier than where I am in St. Louis. Ours are just now coming along. Later than usual for some reason. Very pretty capture of the trees. Sketch them maybe?