Monday, October 20, 2008

How About that Colin Powell!! Way Ta Go, Dude!

Oh my, Oh my. Powell's endorsement of Obama has me feeling surprised. Now there's a man of personal integrity. Powell's been a friend of McCain for 25 yrs, or so I've heard. He's a republican. He's not just endorsed a democrat... he stood up and ENDORSED Obama AND he laid out the whys of his decision. (all of which I agree with. He's a smart man.)

The Universe has been working on getting Obama elected for a while now. I had wondered what would be the next external thing to happen in Obama's favor... I didn't consider an endorsement from across the isle. Very well done, Universe.


Rudee said...

I don't know how I feel about this endorsement. I'm still pissed off at him for his role in the Iraq weapons of mass distraction lies. I liked him to that point but in my eyes, he fell from grace back then.

Sandy said...

Rudee, your response reflects my feeling. I always had liked him until the role he played with the weapons things.

This is amazing though that he has endorsed Obama over McCain...

I still can't shake an uneasy feeling I have about Obama...and McCain too for that matter.

I'll say it nauseam...ha...I don't trust any of them with their promises that they won't keep.

The Crusty Crone said...

From my perspective, I see a man (Powell) who accepted the Secretary of State position to contribute to his country. (and that could be all my BS) Please remember, the intelligence fed to other politicians came through the white house. Powell was lied to along with everyone else. Seems to me the big intelligence report, supposedly including all intelligence, was not released until a lot of things had already taken place.

And remember... Powell was kept out of the loop. He often did not hear about things until after they were done. When he spoke up, his opinions were ignored. He tried to hang in there (perhaps thinking he could do more for the people from the inside... or not), but push came to shove and he quit.

I think Powell is an honorable man. Not perfect, but he has more integrity than most people on the hill.

No one is perfect and that includes Obama for sure. (There are some of his ads I didn't like, too.) And I'm not naive enough to think one person can be president and turn around the "system" in four years. And considering how much the debt is being expanded in these last months, someone is going to have a real mess on his hands. So, no I don't think all campaign promises will be kept. But Obama's smarter than McCain and he'll gather smart people around him. (and Palin is clueless.)

And this is all my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Powell is a republican in name only, the endorsement did not surprise me at all if you look at Powell's record it shows that.

What policy's exactly do you think are better of Obama's? And what policy's of McCains do you not agree with?

The Crusty Crone said...

well crap. I had a whole big ole reply keyed out. I must have clicked on the wrong button. Well, I'm going to take that as a sign to just shut up.

Anonymous, I get the feeling that you want McCain to be president of your country. I want Obama. And I'm not here to change anyone's mind. I just got excited about Powell's endorsement and so I wrote about it. Whenever I get excited or pissed about something, I will probably be writing about it.

Anonymous said...

I am also for Obama, and I would of loved to of been there to see just the expression on McCain's Face when Powell had signed the endorsement.

Leanne said...

I'm just curious - have you read Revelations or the Left Behind Series (based on the book of Revelations)? Totally just curious. It's interesting to see how people feel so strongly that the big O is such a positive force when so many feel so strongly that he is going to bring down the world in such a big way. There couldn't be a bigger difference in opinion about him - you're either in love with him or you think he's a smooth operating dictator-to-be. I just wonder how you might relate him to Revelations or those books, if you've read them.

The Crusty Crone said...

uh oh, here's where it can get sticky because I am not a religious person. I've read the bible decades ago ("ohmygawd, he got drunk and had sex with his daughters!!!") and I've read Revelations. Its a very scary part of the book, isn't it. (I couldn't help but wonder if the author(s) had taken mushrooms or something.)

I don't like how the bible/religion uses fear to control people but on the other side, it contains some awesomely beautiful philosophical truths in it too.

If a person is religious and it helps them be happy, I'm all for it. If it makes them fearful, angry and judgmental, then not so much. Too many wars, too many lives have been lost in the name of God.

You wrote:
"It's interesting to see how people feel so strongly that the big O is such a positive force when so many feel so strongly that he is going to bring down the world in such a big way."

I agree... it is interesting to observe. I find that the GOP's philosophy of campaigning is/has been to use fear. McCain has been using fear a lot in his speeches. 'He's going to take ALL of your money!' (I paraphrase. Sorry.) 'That one is different from us." And he says it with a fearful voice. Its interesting to watch, although I don't get to watch often. McCain isn't actively campaigning in my state.

Please feel free to share your opinions regarding Revelations and our political leaders if you want. I consider you a cyber friend and even though we may not agree on politics or religion, we can relate to each other on a human bases.

Leanne said...

I wonder what a poll would look like from a religious standpoint.

I don't really feel comfortable discussing my beliefs, they are what they are and I don't care to offend or be offended about such a personal topic. Right now I am just trying to maintain an observational standpoint as far as the election goes as I haven't decided myself who I will vote for. I did, however, start some research on our alternative choices.,_2008

I'm not going to back anyone though that I don't fully believe in - so right now no one has proven to be the best candidate.