Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just Doodling Around

(is this font color hard to see?) I wanted to get some art up but my focus was/is all over the place so I decided to just doodle. It takes any personal pressure off me... at least in my mind.

Puppy with a little colored pencil added.

I tried Vyron. The smudges on the paper don't show up (in person) as well as they do in the photograph. I wonder if its something on the paper or if its from my hand smudging things. I need to remember to use my other sketch book next time and see if the same thing occurs. (The one currently is a very cheap one and I think its using recycled paper.)

Whispering woman.

Whispering woman with just a little color added.
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Sandy said...

I wish you would doodle more, how about let's getting a challenge (can't think of a different word) together...

You sure captured Vyron better than I did,...I didn't get him at all, but I want to try again.

I like the dog, cute pose...and the whispering woman, I can almost hear her, but WHAT is she whispering....that's what I want to know.

Fun to see your doodles, keep it up!

The Crusty Crone said...

I think its okay to use the word 'challenge', first because we know we don't mean any heavy-duty competition (the challenge is to ourselves to get something done) and second because we can't think of a different word to use.

I think we should do a challenge, but I, too, can't think of one at the moment. Whenever one of us think of something or some theme or whatever, we can give it a shout-out to the others.

Thanks for commenting. I don't always post a reply, but I appreciate all of them.

cat's momma said...

Whispering woman on the right..(the one being whispered to...reminds me a bit of Shirley MacLaine. Vyron looks good...certain slick paper you can't help getting the smudges from your hand touching the pencil marks. Enjoyed seeing your doodles...I am without any ideas right now, probably because I know this is the beginning of 3 days of being busy with Hannah and everything else I try to do.

Wanda said...

I love it when you post your art...

The bottom one is so cool, love it.

Rudee said...

I was too tired to comment last night but, this is really good doodling. I admire your talent. The added color on the whispering women is a nice touch.

Rosy said...

Oh your work is great, especially that cute little puppy dog!

Sometimes I will add a tiny bit of color to some of my art. I like the touch to the Whispering Women very nicely done.