Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiting Waiting Waiting

 Guess where we spent the day. Its hard to see the sign, but the boys and I waiting in the emergency waiting room for four hours. After the first two hours things went down hill from there.

 Hunger struck plus boredom. Vending machines were the only thing available. The munchkins didn't know how fortunate they were that gramma had some money on her. They filled up in over priced junk food.

 Many visits outside, then inside, then back outside.... watching traffic, pushing buttons in the car, kicking metal posts, etc.

My daughter (aka 'mom') has been sick since Friday night. Lots of symptoms that accompany a lot of different ailments, mainly flu like symptoms. After four hours she was told she has a kidney infection. (I'm glad it wasn't anything contagious.) She came out with four prescriptions.

The boys, considering everything, were well behaved... but that fourth hour was tough to get through. All three of us were getting tired of waiting.

As soon as we were with half a mile of their house they both fell asleep.

I'm very glad to finally be home.
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Wanda said...

Glad your daughter is OK, but those ER waits are horrible!!

Sounds like the boys were really good for you.

Rudee said...

I hope she's better soon. She needs to take her antibiotics then drown the bugs in water and diluted sports drinks. Fluid is the solution to viral and bacterial pollution. I feel bad for the lot of you. Emergency rooms aren't fun.

Sandy said...

Yes to what Rudee said, lots and lots of fluids. Glad she is okay and got her medications!!

And wow, four hours with kids in the ER...eeeooowwwwhh...glad that wasn't me, but glad you were there for her.

cute pics of them.

Rosy said...

I hope your daughter gets to feel better...four hours is a long time especially with children...I dislike E.R. rooms, no fun, nothing interesting to read if one is lucky enough to find anything to read...and then their televisions never seems to be on...makes me think they are only there for looks.

Brenda said...

ER rooms are no fun for sure. Unless you are brought in by ambulance the wait is terrible. Nice to know your daughter will be ok though.

cat's momma said...

I'm sorry to hear you and the kids had to go through the waiting...it can be excruciating. But I'm relieved that your daughter got the meds and will be feeling better soon!

BJ said...

So glad that your daughter has medications to take for her infection. I have heard that kidney infections are horrible. I hope that she will be feeling better real soon.

What a good grandma you are! We'll do anything for them, ugh? Even sitting in the ER with all of those germs!!!!