Friday, October 03, 2008


Real ID Act. We're slipping down that really slippery slope.

Here's the Proposed Act.

Here's a news article about it, but this article is from 2005.

Remember when I posted something about something 'good' always has a 'bad' component to it? Here's another example. We want to know where everything (products) comes from so if there is a safety issue we will know where to focus our attention. As soon as the process has been settled in and debugged, perhaps the next step is to insert a little RFID tag under the skin at the base of the head. (That's our heads. Under our skin.) With each piece of security and safety that is installed, there's an opposite loss to our privacy and personal freedoms.


Sandy said...

I read about this awhile back and it's extremely concerning to me.

But then everything in this country is to me anymore.

Rudee said...

Now, go get Jeffrey Deaver's book The Broken Window and see if you can sleep at night. We're well into the midst of corporate takeover of our very souls. And really, I don't think that's an exaggeration.

Rosy said...

It seems no matter where we are, what we use someone is always listening and watching us...we have no freedom anymore.

I also have read about this awhile back and I am not too happy about this at is bad enough as it is that even our cell phones is spying on us in some form or another.

Kristin said...

You write very well.