Friday, October 10, 2008

Skip this Post if you're sick and tired of political BS

Since we can't even find out what newspapers or magazines Palin reads (perhaps she doesn't read... I don't know) we need to try to find out about her in other ways.

Go here to see a video on the subject of Palin. About 9 minutes worth. Click on the "Congratulations" picture to start the video. At the end of it one of her supporters says he thinks God has put Palin on the ticket. You know what? I do too. Only I think she was put on the ticket to help make sure McCain is not elected.

Added later: I happened to see a clip of a Palin speech where she was again talking about Obama and a so called terrorist. From the audience comes a scream of "kill 'em"... it seemed to surprise Palin. She turned a moment to look at the audience, probably a little shaken, then she turned back and continued her speech. She said nothing. Her experience must not include knowledge of mob rule and how that comes into being. Its getting a little scary out there folks.

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Sandy said...

Mike thinks she was put on so McCain would lose to. I'll have to check that out later.