Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #15

Crusty's Thirteen Morsels

1. Gawd! Another Thursday ALREADY. Where does the time go? I feel like I'm sliding down hill on my knees, rocks and dust billowing up all around me. I'm unable to stop and I can't slow it down. And lets not describe the condition of my knees. EEEUUUUUU

2. Throat scratchy, body a little achy, eyes watery, a cough around every corner.

3. Our family has a "potluck" Thanksgiving dinner so that one person does not have to bare the cost and labor of doing it all. I've been assigned mashed potatoes and gravy. (I volunteered for dinner rolls but I was reassigned. sigh) If everyone shows up, we will have ten adults and fifteen kids. I'll be peeling potatoes for days. And I have to figure out how to transport that much stuff. It will be interesting.

4. Thanksgiving will be at noon. (00) Gawd, I'm barely out of bed at that time... not really, but it feels like it. Its at noon because of joint custody... small ones will be shared between mom and dad, and dad pulled the short straw.

5. This list is not going very quickly. I've been stuck on number five for about thirty minutes now. Maybe a quick cigarette will help. I'll be right back... don't go anywhere. Put your life on hold for me, k?

6. It didn't work.

7. When my mother died I was the one that discovered her body. She had called me the night before and asked me to come by after work the next day so I could pick something up from the pharmacy for her. When I arrived her body was sitting in the chair. It was not traumatic or dramatic. It just was. I was not close to my mother. She was a loner. I can't help but think her phone call to me was so that her remains would be discovered "in a timely fashion" (not that she had consciously planned it)... otherwise it might have been weeks before discovery.

8. My mother has "visited me" three times since she crossed over. All three times were in a dream. The first visit she simply walked through the background of my dream and 'stood there' only long enough for it to register with me. "Hey... that's mother. She looks good." She looked to be in her twenties. The next time she was talking to others... her hair completely white. The final time I noticed her sitting at a table, much like a picnic table. Her hair was very very short, still completely white, and very curly. She was talking and laughing with others sitting at the table and she did not indicate she knew I was observing her for a second. The laughing and talking part did not represent my mother as she was in physical life. She appeared to be happy.

9. My youngest daughter has borrowed my car for the day. She has several appointments and lugging around two small kids on the bus sucks. I just hope there's gas in it when she returns... enough to get me to a gas station.

10. Leanne's TT is so successful I find it hard to get to everyone's blog to read them.

11. I think Leanne has too much energy and she should share it with others. Now that would be a way to make some money. Bottle up excess energy and sell it. If only....

12. I'm beginning to think about breakfast.

13. I have the pc equipment set up on a card table in my bedroom. What a jumble of cords it takes. I don't have my printer set up yet. I'm out of ink anyway. I made it... I made it to thirteen again. Hooray for me.

(added later) ohmygosh... I almost forgot. Go here to get the list of all the folks participating in the Thursday's Thirteen project. Leanne is so good at this linking stuff. Like I said... she has too much energy for any normal person.


colleen said...

Great list the flow...and sharing about your mother. We also do potluck Thanksgiving. I usually do boiled creamed onions...which means peeling them...and crying about it!

terrilynn said...

I'm hosting T'giving at my house, but it will be a very small group. But my deal is that my partner has to do all the chopping/peeling/prep work, because I hate it and he doesn't, plus he's really fast.

I can't even imagine how many potatoes it will take for as many folks as you're having if y'all eat mashed potatoes like we do.

Cree8tiv said...

OMG! GIRL! That was depressing LOL! Ya know the thing about mashed potatoes is that people actually like them lumpy, so put in an order for them at your local deli, bring a long a nice dish and transfer the taters into that! When they say "oh these are good", grin and laugh inside!
PS I would consider your 13 project however I am usless after only 7 heh