Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things are seldom as they seem

I got to see the other side of my neighbor yesterday. I don't remember if I've mentioned her here or not. When I first moved in she was very friendly and always offering to help. And she is very talkative. So talkative that I don't think she listens well. She had gone on about how she keeps to herself and doesn't bother anyone. Clue number one. She likes her beer, her cigarettes and her music. Clue number two.

Well, I usually tend to my own affairs as well. And if she wants to play her music loud I can always put on my walkman and headphones and let her be. Right.

Whenever workers from the property management company are here working on something she is right up in the middle of them and it can be distracting. Yesterday the boss got ticked off because the workers were dealing with a rush job. I didn't get all the details but I think it had something to do with the neighbor. The neighbor also had another kind of rejection happen to her yesterday, too. It was not a good day for her.

Anyway, she has been drinking (without sleep as far as I can tell) for a couple of days. Last night she knocked on my door. I couldn't understand what it was she was trying to say... and I finally told her. I told her I couldn't understand what she was saying. She just kept on and on... I finally got a little short with her. Oh hell, why did I do that. That's when she turned into a belligerent drunk. More knocking on the door and lots of "fuck you and your son".

I can feel some compassion for her and the life she's created, but not when she's pounding on my door and slobbering in my face. I certainly don't know much about her, but she does seem to represent a certain 'kind of person' that we probably all have experienced at one time or another. And she is a wonderful example of how we create our own life through all the small and large choices we make.

So much for the nice neighbors. What I don't know yet is whether or not she has blackouts and if she will even remember yesterday.

But today is a new day. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue, totally clear, and the sunshine is uplifting. Its a nice day as long as you've bundled up... its just a little on the coolish side. Hope you all have a great Saturday.

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