Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Down With Jessica Simpson... An Opinion

I just watched Access Hollywood's attempt at interviewing Jessica Simpson. The purpose of the interview was to give Jessica a chance to push her new clothing line. Okay, nothing wrong with that. All the celebrities on the talk shows are there to push their products. That's why they appear... but part of the process is, besides hawking their wares, questions may come up about their personal life. If it didn't then it would be nothing but advertisement... infomercials. And if that's what they want, then they could pay a couple of million to have a couple of 30 second commercial spots put on TV. Nothing's free, babe.

I don't know where the "big order" came from about not speaking about ANYTHING but her clothing line... but whoever ordered it is making a big mistake. Maybe it was her father. He seems to want to run everyone's show biz life (pssst...Ashley needs counseling).

I'm not watching any stupid ass interview where someone is pushing to sell something their name is on... and no other question will be tolerated. Who do they think they are? If it wasn't for this type of exposure (interviews) they wouldn't be selling anything and they wouldn't be making any stinking money.

I would love to see all requests for interviewing Jessica Simpson to come to a screeching halt. Wouldn't that be an easy lesson to get...well, unless you are the person who ordered "no other questions allowed". What a stupid move.

I'm not watching anything with either of the Simpsons in or on it, nor will I buy any magazine with her picture on the cover... and I damn sure won't be buying any of her clothing line. Okay...so I wouldn't buy any of her clothing anyway, but I will trying to influence people not to buy her products. If she doesn't want to talk about anything but her product line, then let her pay for a commercial spot like others do.


Cree8tiv said...

All excellent points!

colleen said...

Primadonna comes to mind.