Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Little Guy

My little guy is sick.
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The phone rang at 5:30am... any phone call in the middle of the night is not good. My daughter (aka 'mom') said the two yr old had a temp of 105.2.... could I come get them so she could take him to the hospital.

Of course they are staying miles away. It seemed to take forever to get there. First I had to stop and get some gas. I'm so grateful I had gotten some money out of the bank yesterday. Actually, I'm way more grateful that I had money in the bank to get out. Then everyone driving in front of me obeyed the speed limit. It was a little frustrating, but I did appreciate it. Last thing I need is a speeding ticket. And to top it off, I turned on the wrong block. No big deal, but it does seem like when you're in a hurry is when there are delays.

'Mom' dropped me off back home with the wee one while she took the little guy to the Emergency Room. She called a few minutes ago... they are waiting for lab results but it looks like its strep throat.

Its good to know its not something exotic and at the same time I'm thinking how contagious it can be. The wee one has a cold... I hope he doesn't get strep.

I have entertained the wee one for a couple of hours now and he's finally fallen asleep.

Some times I wonder how in the world has the human species been able to survive. What did people do 150 yrs ago when a child got strep throat? Its scary.

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