Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #14

Crusty's Thirteen Morsels

1. I've been invited to Grandparents Day at one of my grand daughter's elementary school. By having a program/performance during the day for grandparents (and others) it helps to reduce the size of the audience at the evening performance. One child could potentially generate six adults who require chairs to sit on, oxygen to breathe, etc.

2. Truth be told, I would just as soon skip it, but I go to support the grandchild and to play the role of grandmother. I'm not very good at it, but I'm the only one the girls have in that part of the family. There are no grandparents on the father's side. They have already left this world.

3. The bedroom rug is beginning to cry out for the vaccuum. I still have bags and boxes from the move sitting around. Storage space in this apartment is at a premium.

4. This may not be about me, but we are experiencing another sunny day here. That's three days in a row! If you live in a rain forest setting, you know my glee.

5. I am a procrastinator. Lovable but very frustrating for others. Have I mentioned this before? Well, it ties into number 6.

6. I hung one of my paintings in the front room. My neighbor saw it and began lusting. I almost committed to doing one for her at cost...but I caught myself in time. I took back the intent and stuffed the commitment deep into my pocket. I'm always saying "Oh sure, no problem... I'll do that." and then I don't. Or I walk around bent over from the burden of the comitment hanging over my head. Whew! Dodged the bullet on that one, but it was close!

7. I'm already about a year behind on completing one comitment (painting) and a month for another (sketches). I've got to learn to keep my mouth shut. Oh, and lets not talk about the "comitment" I've made to myself...things I want to do for me.

8. I am a lot more relaxed now that my last daughter and her two boys live about 10 miles away. I tense up around her waiting to hear what its going to cost me. I love her dearly, but.....

9. I almost feel like a different person. Like that person over there!

10. I will be forced to do laundry in a day or two. If you have enough underwear you can go for days......

11. I haven't connected the stereo yet.

12. The neighbor made some homemade salsa for her family. She shared some of it with me. She has every right to brag about it and stand proud. Wow... it was really good. I'm buying some chips today so I can continue to enjoy every bit of it.

13. I think its going to be a very pleasant day today.

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colleen said...

I think this is a fun way to get to know eachother and say alot in a short amount of time. I love the language of lists...sort of poetic they way each line flows into the next.

Thanks for stopping by. This is a first visit, so I'm gonna look around.

PS I know what you mean about underwear.

InterstellarLass said...

I want to do everything too! "Sure no problem" has gotten me in trouble more times than I know. I'm slowly learning to say no.

Here's my 13 today!

Leanne said...

I can relate to 6 & 7, I think it's the nature of the artist to want to give our talent away to everyone. We like to be the cause of visual stimulation, either positive or negative. Okay, I speak for myself. Still, do you feel like that?

Thanks for starting this ball rolling, it's, um, huge now. I may have to hire you to update my link list!

Barbara said...

Enjoy your salsa!

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