Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #13

Thursday's Thirteen
Crusty's Thirteen Morsels

1. I remembered it was time for the Thursday's Thirteen list on my own.

2. I need an umbrella stand.

3. I sometimes have childish reactions. You know the kind... "Fine then! I'm taking my ball and going home!!"

4. I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Probably too much caffeine, I'm out of decaf.

5. I bought some clothes the other day. That rarely occurs for me. Of course, I have to hem the length.

6. Do you notice how every statement starts with an "I"...except this one.

7. I don't understand why I don't paint or draw. I have plenty of equipment, plenty of time, but no follow-through.

8. I need/want to make some money to supplement Social Security. When you retire you need to continue 'working' in some way. Its the American way of life.

9. I have no health insurance. I could be in big trouble.

10. When I stop to check myself I seem to always feel an underlying tenseness in my body.

11. Meditation.... please become my routine.

12. I have no idea how many people come to this site. I don't think its very many because I haven't spread the word as it were. Can anyone recommend a free counter?

13. This list of thirteen came out easily.

And this is where you can click to get to Leanne's Thursday's Thirteen and find the links to everyone else's list.


Leanne said...

3. I can totally relate to that, I do it too.

Oh, an interjection, the way you linked works well for me, thanks for asking! ;)

6. Thirteen things about you, I expect to see "I" a whole bunch, it's okay!

7. I don't understand, either. You should be, it's very relaxing!

12. :)

Jen said...


If you like reading other people's blogs, you might try Blog Explosion or Blog Advance, they help get eyeballs to your blog for you. :)

I wish I could draw or paint. I seem to lack technical skills. I took lots of art classes in school, but there's something missing that apparently I can't be taught because I'm a mess at it...

Here's my 13!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'm so envious of anyone that can paint, i can't even do those stick figures and this is about you, what's on your mind, so it should start with "I" i have two free counters on my page, but i don't know how to read the reports. if you want to meet new bloggers, try michelle's meet and greet on the weekend, just click her name on my page and bookmark the link for saturday and sunday. i'm playing this week too, but don't know how to leave my link

The Crusty Crone said...

Thanks for the 'heads up' on things, guys... stats counter and blog explosion, etc. I appreciate it.

I'm waiting for grandkids to arrive. They're late and it will give me a few more minutes to read other Thirteens. Be still my heart. (I live a simple life)

InterstellarLass said...

Hey, everyone is allowed to be childish sometimes.

I use statcounter also. It's very easy to set up and add to your template.

Here's my 13!

used*to*be*me* said...

I use statcounter which can be found, surprisingly enough, at go figure!

Nice list. We all seem to be musing on cash these days...

PS - my word verification was super long, hiubevmezowwbsiotnwhiodlwkentosit. Gees!

Renee said...

No one reads my blog either...well no one sides Jen.