Monday, November 28, 2005


'Baby its cold outside'

Winter is here. We no longer have to wonder about it. Brrrr Baby, its cold here and the wind has picked up a little more. This morning we had freezing fog which resulted in more car accidents than usual. To those who live where cold means COLD, you may call me a wussie... I don't care. However, to those who live where it is usually faily mild, I'm sure you will agree with me. Bundle up, Baby!

There's some talk of snow, but that generally means only those living in the foothills around town need be concerned. We may get some snow around the 500 foot level or higher.

Its so nice to be cozy inside. I haven't felt any drafts to speak of, but there is one spot where I put some folded paper between the door and frame. If I can see daylight, so can the cold. I turned the heat up a little and I am ignoring the dollar signs floating thru the vents.

Well... here's another Christmas season. $ $ $ $ I made a list of the grandkids... 14 of them. All I can say is I hope the Christmas fairy has some good tricks up her sleeve.

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