Friday, November 03, 2006

What I should be doing...

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I so need to mop my kitchen floor. I'm sure once done it would make me feel all nice and .... and .... well, clean. Right now it looks like a dot-to-dot picture. Just a bit obscene, too.

As you may have ascertained, nothing else interesting happened yesterday. A dear friend sent me a card today. A real card as in US Postal Service. And it was personally hand delivered. I happened to be standing outside in front of my door and the happy mail man brought it up to me instead of putting it in the box next to the street. That was a delightful surprise, as was the card.

So.... did you hear about the high ranking church guy getting outsed in more ways than one? Okay, okay, so everyone is innocent until proven guilty but thats only the propaganda they teach in grade school. I heard he admitted to purchasing meth one time, but as Clinton also said, he didn't inhale. Trying to get his sexy on, I bet.

Anyone who ever messes with meth has got to be TOTALLY CLUELESS or hell bent on self-destruction. Its damn poison folks. The fact that HAZMAT is called out to clear places with meth, and that the folks completely suit up in protective gear has got to be a pretty good clue. I don't care how dumb a person is... if they don't get that then God bless them cause they need a lot of extra care.

I've seen the face of meth up close. (people asking for money and/or cigarettes) Sores all over their face and body. Unable to stand still. Its sad... really sad. And I feel really bad that the government, in its attempt to "empower the people", have cut funding from so many drug rehab places. When the users reach their 'bottom of the barrel' there is no where for them to get help. And we're suppose to be civilized. Yeah, right.

Now haven't I just cheered you right up? Good. I just want to be sure you keep your nose clean. Pun intended, too. And if you have to do drugs, do something other than meth and/or crack, k? There's just no way outta that alley.

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