Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wet Sunday

I've lost a corner somewhere. The corner use to be in my bedroom but for the last six or seven months its been lost. It all started when I was trying to find a place for some large watercolor and newsprint pads. In order to keep the pages flat it really needed to be at rest on a flat surface. With only 384 sq feet in this apartment, finding that spot would take some sluthing... but I found one. The corner, of course. And it would just be for a few days until a permanent place could be found.

A few weeks later I began looking through some boxes I had stored in the closet. They had been there since move-in day. ooohhhh... look what I have! I had forgotten about this... and this, oh.... and that!! In order not to forget what I had, I decided to put the boxes in the corner with the other large pads, you know, until I could figure out a place to put the things in view. Out of sight, out of mind.

What I discovered, besides the dust bunnies, is that even with the boxes of art supplies (and other 'office' type of things) out in the open, I still forgot what was in them. And in order not to lead you astray I must clarify that the boxes were not necessarily full. A few things here... a few things there.

So far I've moved the pile of pads. They are now resting comfortably on my bed along with the dusty, unuseable printer that had been on the floor. (I'm out of ink for the printer.) Today I plan on going through the boxes to see what I can consolidate and what I can toss. Then the challenge will be where to put the boxes that are left.

My ultimate goal is to rearrange the bedroom. Its a long room rather than a square one. The bed currently protrudes out into the room with the head up against the wall. I want to put the bed length wise against the wall to free up more floor space. My hope is to be able to set up my large easel and have room on the side for placing paint palettes, brushes, and whatnots. It sounds like a do-able goal, doesn't it. But we'll have to wait and see. I make great lists but thats usually as far as it goes.

Last evening my neighbor brought me 8 oz. of Christmas Blend decaf Starbucks coffee. Her timing was perfect. I had just used the last of what I had to make a pot. As a new Starbucks employee she gets one of these free each month. I almost keyed in a sarcastic comment about a a whole 8 oz. a month but thought that would be tacky and show off my cynical side. Luckily I caught myself in time.

A freaky accident here locally... is it a case of destiny? Four guys in an extended cab pickup driving at freeway speeds. No rain. No wind. A huge tree falls and crushed the front seat area of the cab killing both occupants. Those in the tiny back seat were not injuried. How freaky is that. No wind. Freeway speed. Gives pause for consideration about destiny.

My pc is acting crazy. Things freeze up, I finally get a dialog box saying there is something abnormal about the display. No shi*t, Sherlock. It goes into "safe mode" and I'm instructed to reboot and when I get an error message I should send it off to Microsoft. I do the reboot but don't get the error message. Sigh. Is it related to the beta software I'm currently dealing with? Who knows, but thats what I'm blaming it on. Whine Whine I wanna go back to the old version... the tried and true version. Posted by Picasa

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I heard about that accident on our news...

How's that corner coming..