Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Wha Happen?"

I was ready for a noneventful day where the only thing to talk about would be the weather. It hasn't ended up that way. Its been like a whirl wind went thru here and left me spinning.

This afternoon my youngest adult daughter came over on the bus with grandson Darius. 'Mom' got on the pc and phone right away. Darius and I were left to our own devices. (We were both trying to be the boss.)

If bodily functions and misfunctions bother you, stop reading now.

Darius had a severe bout of diahrrea... like colored water. It ended up getting all over his pants. No extra underpants or diapers brought with them, either. (D was wearing a diaper because of past incidents of said bowel movements.)

My daughter has the uncanny knack of sucking up the last of any money I might have on hand. I'm not sure where this skill came from, but it seems to be a natural ability. Officially, I donated my last few bucks to get some diapers. Functionally, I didn't want D. running around bare-assed in case, you know, something else happened unexpectedly.

After I pried the phone from Candace's ear, she drove my car to the store for the much needed diapers. Darius played in the bath tub until her return. He seemed very normal. Didn't act sick at all.

Darius then said he was hungry so he had one of his favorites... noodles, Top Ramen noodles. In the mean time, I'm washing out his pants by hand. I was hoping to get them clean and dry so the little guy would have something to wear on the bus when he went home. I tried to work some 'gramma' magic. It didn't work. I thought I might be able to get the pants dry using the oven, but they were too thick and it was taking too long. Cha-Ching Cha-CHing went the meter.

Then out of the blue D. upchucks his lunch. First on the rug...then mom moved him to the kitchen and he continued. There couldn't have been anything left in his stomach and there hadn't been any digesting going on either.

On the rug. I have to emphasize that... ON THE RUG, PEOPLE!! All that weaving... all those threads to absorb 'stuff'. ohgawd... sigh .... ohwell.

'Mom' called one of her friends to see if she would come by after work and take them home. Before I knew it, one of the friend's daughters was here. Something had happened at school and the friend had to get her child... didn't have anyone to watch her and that's when Candace called. She came over here for Candace to watch.

I never considered myself to be claustraphobic before but I began feeling the walls closing in, the noise level going up, and there was no where to go to get away from it all.

C. finally asked if I had enough gas to take them to the friend's home until she got off work. "Ohmygawd YES! Quick... hurry, hurry!"

I just got back from dropping them off. Ya know, to be honest, I've kind of started looking forward to my daughter and grandson(s) living out of state. Just a little bit. Who am I kidding... a LOT!

I dumped the sentimental thinking and got real!!


I Am said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks this way... (BIG GRINS).....

Anonymous said...

BUWHAHAHA--you made me laugh out loud at work! Hi--first time here thanks to Top Champ's blog. Cool!