Monday, November 06, 2006

"Waaaah!!! My Almond Mocha Jive is GONE...GONE, mon!

I have whined before that my very favorite-est coffee flavoring product can't be found on store shelves any more. At first I thought it was because it was so good everyone was buying up the stock. Not so, they say. ("they" being Folgers) They stopped making it because of low consumer demand. WTF??!?

I finally found where to contact Folgers to ask wha happened, dude? and this is the reply:

I'm sorry, but we discontinued this product and it's no longer available.
Generally, decisions to start or stop making products are based on consumer
demand, so feedback like yours is extremely valuable. Please be assured I'm
sharing your disappointment with the rest of our team.

Thanks again for writing.

P&G Team

I'm here to ask you for a favor... a 'flavor favor', if you will. Would you (lurkers, too) be willing to fill out their "contact us" form asking them to bring the Almond Mocha Jive flavor of their Cafe Latte product back. I swear... its really good. I pass up buying a commerical latte because I'd rather have this product at home and for the price, I get a lot more cups of coffee from it.

Here's the link to the contact page. You could simply say something like 'my friend told me you stopped making this product. ARE YOU CRAZY? Please bring it back!' (or something even more straight forward... 'I want the Almond Mocha Jive back or I'm dumping Folgers products all together.' You know, something simple like that.)

I noticed you can also get some free samples of their new coffee. I'm signing up!

Product Name is "Cafe Latte"
Product Version is "Almond Mocha Jive"


ps... maybe you could pass this info on to your friends, too. Just a thought. Thanks


Anonymous said...

What happen to the Almond Mocha Jive? My store says you guys no longer make it... What am I going to do? You get me hooked then you stop? I only buy this ONE coffee product, and I am sooo upset now, I don't think I will ever buy another forgers product ever again...

You just lost a loyal customer!

STRONG ENOUGH FOR YA SANDRA???? (grin), that is what I wrote to them.... Wouldnt want you going into any coffee fits....

The Crusty Crone said...

Great!! Thank you very very much.