Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nothing much.... you?

Nothing much happening around here. We're having a dry day but its a bit cold. I might do dishes. Oh hell, I will do dishes. In fact, I've already done dishes. Its just time to do some more.
I got nothing. Nothing at all.
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dd said...

Well I had a day where I got a lot done and we had Cayden for the day, still do. The weather here has been great, 80's and I can only hope it lasts for a good long while.

cat's momma said...

Well, a birthday party that Erin and I took Hannah to and an afternoon walk on the beach and turn to cook, so I did that...and I have to say it was one HOT day! Where oh where is winter? I's in Oregon. Unlike my sister, I want rain and cooler temperatures!!