Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Waiting for the rain

 (I don't know where this came from... it just showed up in my files.)

Waiting for the rain. Thats much like watching grass grow or paint dry. Nothing going on around here. Oh sure, folks are still smoking crack, but they are being quiet about it.

Earlier today I was outside having a smoke and my 'nice' neighbor (not the one I'm usually talking about) came to chat. She noticed the paper trash stuck in the small bushes and mumbled something. (She cleans up around the property for a very small discount on her rent.) She walked over to have a closer look and lo and behold she found a crumpled $20 stuck in the bush. After mentally kicking myself for not looking more closely earlier in the day, I felt good for her. She needs it. She works a shit job, graveyard shift, and she is a substitute for a money tree for a couple of her friends.

We both snickered to ourselves a little... that would be $20 worth of crack that couldn't be bought or the dealer would be $20 short on his or her take.
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