Monday, November 20, 2006

Not a Good Mix

A scene from the movie As Good As It Gets. Loved the movie, love the studio. Sigh.

Not a Good Mix.... You must be talking about Clay and Kelly on Regis And Kelly Live last Friday. I had the program on Friday but after listening to a few banters between Clay and Kelly I went into another room. My mistake. I missed the hand-over-the-mouth move by Clay.

I missed a hint that I should continue watching the show. I thought there was some...hmmmm .... some snipping going on by Ms Clay, but I didn't keep watching it. Now I wish I had so I could form my own opinion as to what went on during the guest interview portion. Apparently Ms. Clay put his hand over Kelly's mouth. It was reported as a spontaneous gesture done in a joking manner. I don't know. I didn't see it for myself.

However, I did see Kelly 'ragging' on Ms. Clay this morning and that wasn't good to watch either. It put Ms. Kelly in a bad light. Based on that, I'd say they are now even.

Nothing much going on here.... again. This is good news. We've got soggy weather. Its suppose to clear a bit on Thanksgiving day. I hope so.
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