Thursday, November 16, 2006

House Demolition

The new owners of the house on one side of use, the local community college, has begun to demolition it. Rumor has it that its going to be turned into a parking lot. I don't seem to have a preference one way or the other. The community college has really expanded a lot in the last twenty years, which is good for this area. It was run down and suffering. Now the college is and has been buying up property whenever its become available.

Yesterday, with the winds blowing up a storm, the workers were busy as bees. Today the sun is out and it is calm.... and no workers. Perhaps they were just charged with removing the old siding. The workers were completely suited up, including respirator masks. Makes you wonder what the siding was made of, doesn't it.

One shot is showing the workers on lunch break. Looked like they were having homemade burritos or something similar. They worked quickly and there wasn't any goofing off, wind or no wind.
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dd said...

That house on the outside looks nice...too bad they demolished it...for a parking structure!!!