Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dang! I Should Have Taken My Camera

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I dashed to the store this morning (6am) in between rain showers. It was still dark and damp outside but no falling moisture. The streets were empty except for an occasional vehicle. I passed a small apartment complex and noticed five or six people loitering on the sidewalk. No doubt waiting for their dealer to wake up in one of the apartments. I suppose they could have been laborers waiting for someone to come by to offer them a days worth of work, but I don't think so. Call me cynical, for that is what I be.

As I finished in the store and walked to my car I noticed the car parked beside mine. You couldn't NOT notice it. It was a small older car shaped like a Senica (sp?) or something similar. It had been completely covered in various pieces of striped material... I'm guessing small rugs. It also had small colorful beads on it as further decoration. It didn't smack you in the face like the vehicles with sodered metal sculpture all over them... it was more subtle. Obvious yet subtle. The beads and fabric were beginning to dislodge probably due to wind levels. This is when I mentally kicked myself for not bringing my camera. (I should have listened to that small still voice.)

I just looked out the window. Good thing I went to the store early because it looks like its gonna start pouring soon. We are having a "pineapple express" here. Warm but wet. You would want long sleeves on but you could pass on a jacket if so desired.

Thats all I got for now.


dd said...

Darn I would have liked to see that car...listen to that voice inside is there for a reason...haha...

Did you ever mop the floor...I need to do mine but we have Sam and a girl he is seeing, coming tonight, John and Britney and Seth and Annika will be over to play poker...however, I'm exhausted after four days with Hunt so I may go to bed, LOL...

He is in to that whiney, why, contrary!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Moping the floor... I "sort of" did it. I removed the dots, but Darius was coming over and he likes to play in the water at the sink. I've got to get a better mop, too. My current one seems to just push the dirt around.

"He is in to that whiney, why, contrary!!"
That stage lasts until they're 35 yrs old, doesn't it? Darius is into "NO!" and 'I'm the boss of you' phase. Luckily I'm still bigger so I can win in the long run... but what a run. "You mean, gamma!" I just reply in the affirmative.