Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coffee cup in hand

As I sit here at the pc looking out the window I can see tiny microscopic snow falling. So small and sparse its not easy to see them. Brrrrr its cold and suppose to get colder tomorrow...down in the teens.

We had a tiny sprinkling of snow this morning but it quickly melted. I was going to take a picture of it (so exciting! NOT) but the batteries pooped out. Must have been all those Thanksgiving pictures that were taken. I had put Candace in charge of taking the photos and she likes to use the "viewer" and that sucks the energy up quickly.

I came across an old handwritten journal from a couple of years ago when I had no income. I'm going to be tossing that baby real soon. What a downer.

I've nothing in particular to talk about... just thought I'd put a footprint out here for this day in history. If something else comes up later, I'll be back.
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dd said...

Journals can be depressing...I use to attempt to keep one years and years ago but when I would look back, I didn't like what I read.

I Am said...

Dan, my house-guest that didnt work out once watched my two kids for a week back in I think it was 94 when Charles and I had to go set up a shoe show in vegas... I wrote out a little "will" in case anything went wrong and we didnt come back... OH MY GOD! it sounded so corny... He brought it with him and gave it back to me and I tore it up and threw it away, didnt want anyone reading that crap... hehehe... Soooo, I know of what you speak...