Sunday, February 26, 2006

Soap Box

I woke up from a nap with someone on the tv listing reasons why illegal immigrants are draining our economy. They were saying that millions of dollars are sent out of the country to their families back home. Hellllloooooo.... Have you looked at how much money corporations AND the government are sending outside of our country with outsourcing? I guess the Bush administration couldn't find an American company to run the ports and had to give the job to another country.

I would have thought, since the current administration has cut back on every program associated with people, there would be enough money to hire an American company. Guess not.

And speaking of cut-backs... besides Medicaid, the federal government has cut funding for dealing with our meth epidemic by 80%... 80%!! I guess that's one more thing the administration doesn't really know about. Head in the sand I guess. Ooops, my mistake. Head up someone's ass is probably more like it.

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