Friday, February 24, 2006

Don't feel like it....

I came here to say 'I don't feel like talking'. Then I wondered if something would come simply because my fingers are on the keyboard. hmmmmm

I've been watching the Olympics. My gawd... so many daredevils! And all the training it takes, and the falls with perhaps a few injuries thrown in for good measure... for 15 minutes of fame if lucky. Sometimes I wish I had that internal fire... other times I'm glad I don't. But ya gotta admire youth. They were all awesome under such mental and emotional pressure.

Paul Allen is thinking of dumping or moving the Trail Blazers. (For those who may not know, the Blazers are a losing PDX basketball team.) Allen has been losing millions of dollars on the team for decades. It doesn't seem to matter how much money you pay a player... if he's a thug he remains a thug. I can't even count up how many players have been arrested for drugs, speeding (sometimes causing accidents), carrying around guns, fighting dogs, beating their partners, partying the night before a game... stupid shit like that. And there seems to be something amiss with the "front office" too... the team management. Players would hint at it often. Nothing ever changed in the office, but they would trade good players away for mediocrity. The Blazers need to be put out of their misery.

And this is my opinion and we all know how valuable that is!

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