Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Mood Today

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I had four or five people come knocking on my door yesterday at different times. Times when it was inconvenient for me. Toilet time, nap time, cooking time... you know, those kind of times. They were people looking for other apartments. People coming to visit and they didn't know what apartment they wanted. Now this means either the people telling them the address didn't include their apartment number or the incoming people failed to remember it. Either way, there's some stupidity involved. Its just a matter of which end of the equation.

This morning it has begun again.... only this time when the persistent knocking occured I was in the shower and decided not to bust my butt to answer the door. (And I mean that both figuritively and literally.) Of course that leaves me with a minimal possibility that whoever was at the door was, indeed, for me. (00) Odds are in my favor, though.

Its become busy around here in the last week or so... many more people coming and going. I can't tell who is a visitor or who is a tenant. I think relatives (with a small child) have moved in with the formerly quiet people above me. When I first moved in here I was impressed at how quiet things were, relatively speaking. Now I know it was just because other folks were gone a lot or lived on the quiet side. Most likely it was both.

I'm not as nice as I use to be... and I'm not quite as ignorant either. I gotta admit, and I'm not proud of it but its true... if I was a shop owner and these people came into my store, I'd be concerned. Maybe I can blame it on trying to communicate a clearer picture of the type of people I'm writing about. Maybe.

OUCH! OH... that hurts!! What do ya mean that's my stupidity speaking?

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