Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sweet Nectar of Life

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I've just received one of life's little surprises and now I'm looking the gift horse in the mouth... but its just out of habit. Alfalfa breath.

I failed to get my payment to the electric company in the mail before receiving the next statement. Timing is everything and I've got a very small window of opportunity to get a payment in so it is reflected on the next billing statement. I missed it this month. And isn't it great!

Somewhere along the way there's been a mix-up in my account. I'm not worried about it because I am confident that it will get squared away with time... you know, all those checks and balances in accounting systems, but for now it seems that a month of charges have disappeared from my account. (blink) And the frosting on the cake is that the current charge is only half of what the previous billing was. Ya gotta luv that Pineapple Express... no heat needed.

Needless to say I'm mailing my payment in today!

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