Friday, February 17, 2006

This and That

I am noticing some of my digital photos residing on my pc are disappearing. These are photos that I would not delete... things I wanted to keep, birth of two grandchildren, photos of friends, things like that. I've searched and searched and they seem to have disappeared completely. Is it a limit on the software? (HP Photosmart) Is there limits based on dates? I don't know... but it would seem like there would be information about this somewhere. No, I haven't searched every nook and cranny in the Help file, but I will be doing so.

Needless to say I have gone through and deleted a lot of junk photos and I will be doing more. I guess digital things don't last forever. I will need to upload anything of value onto web based albums. Sigh. (I'm really feeling bummed out about losing these photos. If I wasn't in such a peaceful mood, I'd probably be doing a lot of cussing. Maybe that will come later.)

I doodled a couple of things just to be doodling. The first is from memory... a neighborhood character who walks aimlessly around looking for things dropped on the sidewalk and street. He reminds me of a Saturday Night Live character whose name I can remember. Father 'somebody'. The other doodle is from a photo in a magazine. I wasn't going to a likeness and its a good thing, too... I was just going for a feeling, a pose.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

I've been watching a fair amount of Olympics at night. Such beauty and grace... and such physical punishment. WoW... no wonder its for the young. I'd like to think older people (you know... those over 25 yrs) have enough sense to not put themselves in harms way, but I know that's not it. Its about the peak of physical perfection... nothing to do with common sense. Gotta admire the determination and the beauty of it all.

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