Friday, September 09, 2005

What the hell is this?

"Okay... grab 'em by the scuff of the neck and hold 'em down hard. They're going to get a dose of this whether they want to or not!! Not one sucker gets outta here without this damn concert, ya hear?"

I knew to expect the Katrina concert (yes, another one) to be on the three network stations.... but I was not expecting it to be on the independent stations as well. Talk about manipulation and control. Bullshit. I don't mind what entertainment people want to do, but to force it down EVERYONE's throat... doncha think that's a bit much?

Bullshit! Yes, its for a good cause.... Yes, the money will be put to good use... Yes, its wonderful that so many people suddenly got the spirit.... sputtering... but... but.... Don't force it down my frigging throat, fer gawd sake!!

Yes, there is a way out. Turning off the boob tube now, just on general principles!

(added later) Okay, okay... I will relent just a little. After all I got to see Morgan okay.

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leanne said...

Hey you sound just like I sounded lastnight! Those bastages, I pay for my TV, I'd like to be able to turn the channel AWAY from it if I choose! Gawd - 5 minutes of big-lip hollywood types stammering about the tragedy while they're in designer clothes blinking in all of their beauty in front of a camera and lamps that make them look 10 pounds lighter? Give me a break. Go do something to help. :P~