Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I watched American Masters on PBS last night. It was about Bob Dylan. I was impressed. Impressed not only by how well the program was put together but with Dylan himself.

I am not a folk music fan. To me folk singing is okay but nothing to write home about. However, it (folk singing) was a major component of the Sixties and the upheaval of the times.

This skinny little white boy, Dylan, did not have a strong singing voice. But it seems what he was good at was opening up to the cosmos and allowing the songs/words that needed to be said to come through him. And these words helped move civilization up a few steps on the stairs. He did not censor himself. He did not critique his creativity. He allowed the words to come and to be sung. And he seemed not to give a fig about what others thought of him. That, my friend, is a treasure indeed. To be free of "public opinion".

He was heard to say he often did not know what the song meant as he wrote them, but to those hearing the lyrics the words would touch a place in their hearts and bring about many layers of meaning to the listener.

How many times do we stop ourselves from creating anew. How many times do we criticize our efforts and throw them away. The Universe tries to express itself through the only animal currently able to use many modes of expression... but we close it down.

Open your mind. Do not stop to think about what you are creating. Do not stop to think about what others will think. Simply EXPRESS YOURSELF and then move on to a new moment in time which is waiting for another dose of full expression. Even the lowly dandilion is a full expression.
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