Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This and That

Government is so big it takes a week of Sundays just for it to turn around and scratch its own ass. There's a lot more wrong with FEMA besides Brown. Too many chiefs, too many 'authorizations' required, too many levels of bullshit to wade through. And talk about waste. Rumor has it that FEMA booked up 190 rooms of a hotel/motel (?) at 300% the going rate. Now why was it necessary to overpay? If you're booking one room or all the rooms, why does FEMA have to pay more for it? Is it because of, oh I don't know... GREED? Now there's talk of paying church associated volunteers for volunteering. I don't have a viewpoint on this cause I don't know anything about it... but doesn't that take away the point of 'volunteering'? Some church organizations are saying "no" but I hear a lot of other good Christians want in on the government bale-out, since they're flinging money all over except to the people who need it. Our society is so convoluted I get motion sickness just thinking about it.

I like Gregory Grenon's art work. He paints in reverse on glass (or plexi glass). I searched the web for examples of his work but none of the photos do it justice. There's a certain amount of 'realness' and life-energy coming from the portraits... maybe because we view them in reverse.

The weather is grey and overcast. We are suppose to have some sun this afternoon. It better hurry up or it will be too late. Rainy day blues.......Stormy weather..... consciousness streaming. Sorry.

(added later)How to promote yourself/website/artwork.

Thought I would also mention I added two more links, both virtual art pads for your amusement and enjoyment. Check out the links section on the right.

"Saying no can be the ultimate self-care."
Claudia Black

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