Sunday, September 18, 2005

I didn't wanna do it

I... I didn't.... I didn't wanna do it. I tried everything I could think of to ignore the need. It began with layers, layers of long sleeved shirts. It continued with wool socks. Okay, not really. I don't have any wool socks, but it did involve the putting on of shoes verses flip-flops. "Where's my left shoe?" I even closed all windows as a last resort.... but it did no good. With much regret and reluctant movement, yesterday I turned on the heat. Gasp! Dollar signs replaced my eyeballs. Cha Ching, Cha Ching.

Yes, it was cold enough here yesterday to turn on the heat in the apartment. It seemed too soon, but was it? If you can see your breath condensing in front of your eyes, can you truly ignore it? Like the elephant in the middle of the room.... no, no you can not ignore the fact that it was cold enough for artifical heating. Summer is over. (The death march begins to play slowly and softly in the background.) Shudder.

A month ago the cheapo toaster gave out. It was barely toasting anyway, so by the time it decided not to hold the bread down no matter how many times I tried, I was ready to throw it out. Luckily the window was still open.

Now the coffee pot has gone kapoot. It was a birthday gift over ten years ago... maybe even fifteen. It was a strong little trooper. Used almost every day. Lately use had slowed down to a couple of times a week. I used to play the role of corporate clone standing around with a coffee mug in my hand at all times. I fell for the propaganda about coffee being a symbol of working hard, when in reality it was hardly working.

"Will work for lattes."

I usually ordered an extra shot of espresso. Loved that jolt of caffeine. Now my body rebels, so I've gone decaf. I've also stopped buying lattes. It seems pretentious to order a decaf latte. The purpose of an espresso IS the caffeine, fer gawd sake. I am currently addicted to Folger's Cafe Latte mix, but only the mocha & almond flavoring. (I put it in my coffee rather than using it with water. I'm no wussie.) I have half a container of flavoring .... but no working coffee pot. So I worked around the problem. After all, I am a woman. Invention is our middle name.

The basic way coffee is made, at least in my world, is to pour hot water over coffee grounds. Simple, isn't it. Its the spilling and splashing that can be tricky.

I put the coffee into the filter holder, leaving it swinging out to the side of the pot. (In this position the water, aka coffee, will not be able to get out of the opening at the bottom of the filter cup.) The pot sits in its assigned place. I heated up water on the stove and then slowly poured the hot water into the filter. When full, I then pushed the filter holder into place over the pot.... and a tiny trickle of liquid worked its way through to the pot. Dark delicious coffee. I repeated this step about five or six times. I must really want a cup of coffee badly!

Its not efficient, but I did get two cups of coffee from it before it got cold.


E said...

I would go through those same efforts for a cup of coffee if my pot died. No doubt in my mind!

utenzi said...

Still in the 90s here in NC so no need for a heating bill--but the A/C does get expensive too.