Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #5

13 Super Sweet Morsels about Crusty Crone

1. I need to drop the habit of having the tv on in the background.

2. Once again I'm reminded that what ticks me off about others is the very things that I am guilty of doing/being. Sigh.

3. I often use liquid smoke when cooking a hamburger.

4. I keep two CDs in the machine... Mozart and Vivaldi, so I can mention it and perhaps sound a little couth.

5. My favorite (that means 'comfortable') summer pants have a growing crotch rip. And me without any thread.

6. I'm not going to tell you how I came to know about the aforementioned rip.

7. I'm counting the days on my fingers until my next "payday". It helps me keep track of the passage of time.

8. Its confirmed... you don't need talent to become a celebrity.

9. We've been having beautiful fall weather...loving it. Rain is due tomorrow.

10. I browse ebay's Self-Representing Artists listing in reverse order (when time to bid is running out) so I can see which works got any bids.

11. I like Debra Hurd's work. Especially the rainy street scenes. I found her via ebay.

12. Now I have to go find links to some of the things/people I've mentioned.

13. I like seeing pictures of people's studio/work areas. I'm nosey.

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Anonymous said...

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Leanne said...

I'm with you on #2!

I also enjoy D. Hurd's work. I hate the "IBND" crap though, it's so elitest and it's the only thing that keeps her and Girelli from being among my own personal favorite artists.

I had pics of my studio up at one time, musta been when I was on livejournal. I can't find them now! (It is neat to see others spaces. I'm nosy too!)