Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Watch

I got up this morning expecting to check out our local news program for the latest developments with the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Rita... and nothing. We had a golf tournament going on...WTF?!

All during the week it was nothing but coverage of the preparations. "What? There's another hurricane coming? Lets send all our news anchors down there so they can be in the eye of the storm and report on it. Oh, wait.... its the weekend. Never mind."

Normally we have a local three-hour newscast on one of the channels Saturday and Sunday. (Don't ask me why its for three hours. I guess its a recap of the week's news.) Today we have golf. I guess this is where it could be said "no news is good news".

I did come across some live coverage from the Houston area. If you're interested, just click on the headline that says "Live Video" and you'll be able to see their newscast. Also, if you're into watching cams here is a site with lots of them listed. (and I don't know anything about the 'adult live' cam so don't ask me.) You can click anywhere on the "map" and a list of cams from that area will come up. It looks like a lot of the sites have cam "photos"... if you want "live" cams, check that column of the table.

Hope you have a good Saturday. If you don't, just lie about it. Thanks

Edit: forget that cam link above... here's a list of live cams from the Texas area and most of them are live.

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