Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday's Thirteen #6

Crusty's Thirteen Morsels

1. If I had not read Leanne's blog I would have forgotten it was time for thirteen things about me. I remembered it was Thursday, but spaced out on the blog entry.

2. I got 3.5 gallons of gas for $10.00 yesterday. 'Errands to run' and the gas to do it with finished up in a tie. Perfect timing.

3. I splurged and bought an inexpensive set of watercolor brushes. They look like they will sop up the water and paint like a champ. I hate to do it, but if I have to I will delay cleaning the kitchen so I can test the brushes first. (weak smile)

4. I bought a couple of other things too. It felt good saying to myself "I'm an adult now and if I want to buy this stuff I will. hrmmph." I'm getting really good at being selfish. Not consistently, but I have a lot of 'moments'.

5. I buy up to four loaves of bread at a time from the Franz Bakery Discount store. I freeze them until needed. ($1.00 verses $3.79 retail) The Franz Discount store use to have everything priced at a dollar. One buck. Sigh. But it hasn't lasted... the pricing. Now you have to look to see if there's a different price tag for most items.

6. People taking phone calls at the IRS don't always know how to do their jobs very well. They give out mis-information/bad instructions.

7. I got two free ballpoint pens from my credit union. And yes, I got permission to take them. "Take as many as you want." I didn't want to look greedy so I only took two... but I had to think about it for a second.

8. I still have to put away the household items I bought yesterday. Space is at a premium I will have to maneuver things in order to make room. I think its called 'Creative Living'.

9. I finally remembered to get some sewing thread so I could do some mending. I may have to get my daughter to thread the needle for me. Last time I tried it was not easy. I had to have luck do it for me.

10. I use to have my own rollerskates when I was thirteen. It was cool to have your own skates. It meant you belonged a little bit more... a more dedicated skater.

11. I usually went skating alone. My hermit tendencies manifested early.

12. I could take a trolley to the skating rink from where I lived. The trolley line ran right behind our property. The trolley was creaky and totally put together using wood. Wood worn smoooth from repeated use...much of it turning white from the sunshine streaming through the large windows. Rocking this way and that... very easy to fall asleep.

13. I think its kewl how brussel sprouts grow so tightly on a stalk. I was in my late thirties before I saw a stalk of brussel sprouts in the buff. I thought they grew like cabbage does.


E said...

I've always wondered how brussel sprouts grow...I've never seen it and I always assumed they were cabbage like, too! I bagged the Thursday Thirteen this week...too much thinking required yesterday! :)

utenzi said...

That threading comment hit home with me. Normally that's easy for me but just a few days ago I couldn't get the thread thru the needle on my sewing machine to save my life. I finally gave up and waited until the next day to do it. Weird.